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Illegal sex dens identified opposite suburban primary school

Southern Comfort International - Monday, September 18, 2017

The Herald Sun today reported that ...

"CHILDREN using the pedestrian crossing outside their outer suburban Melbourne primary school end up at the front door of an illegal brothel. If they then turn to their right, they walk past a second illegal brothel just 60 metres further up the shopping strip."

"And there are seven more dodgy sex dens within a kilometre of a suburban 24-hour police station."

"The two sex dens opposite the primary school are among more than 250 alleged illegal brothels reported to Victoria Police by the legal brothel industry in the past five years, including the recent reporting of 21 of them in the City of Knox."

KEITH MOOR, Herald Sun September 17, 2017

The Australian Adult Entertainment Industry — which represents legal brothels — yesterday claimed only a few of the illegal brothels of which police have been made aware have been shut down.

Don't risk it!

Illegal or unregistered brothels can potentially endanger both the workers AND expose the clients to the risk of hefty fines or imprisonment!

Two Mentone massage parlours found to be illegal brothels

Southern Comfort International - Monday, August 21, 2017

TWO illegal brothels masquerading as massage parlours on busy shopping strips in Mentone have been shut down and a third is due before the court. (Emma Watson, Moorabbin Kingston Leader July 26, 2017 4:38pm).

Don't risk it!

Illegal brothels can potentially endanger both the workers AND expose the clients to the risk of hefty fines or imprisonment!

Safety for Sex Workers

In the article, Rachel Reilly, acting executive director of not-for-profit Project Respect, which supports women in the sex industry, applauded Kingston Council for taking action against illegal brothels.

Ms Reilly believed Kingston was in the minority of councils who took a hands-on approach making sure unlicensed brothels were shut down.

But she said urged Kingston to ensure the health and safety of women was a priority.

“(We’re asking for authorities to) make sure anyone in that space is linked in and provided access to relevant services they may require coming out of that space and to not criminalise the women as well; we have seen that in the past,” Ms Reilly said.

And for clients ...

Did you know, that according to the article, "Anyone found in, or entering or leaving the premises ("an illegal brothel") is liable to a $6,000 fine ($12,000 fine for the owner) or imprisonment for 12 months.

So, ... don't risk it! Southern Comfort International is a legal, licensed brothel (Licensed Melbourne Brothel SWA No. 4015B)

Our sex shows

Southern Comfort International - Sunday, May 07, 2017

With the success of our dress up day, we are going to continue the dress up theme for our shows for the whole month of May.

Also we are going to continue our special ticket promotion so remember when 3 of you come in for the show only 2 pay entry

FRIDAY THE 12TH OF MAY is our first of many more to come "DRESS UP DAY"

We will have two sexy nurses in our lunchtime show to check your pulses!

Make sure you bring your friends as we have a special ...



Illegal brothels masquerading as massage shops, karaoke bars and beauty salons

Southern Comfort International - Sunday, January 22, 2017

Alesha Capone reported in the Leader on January 22, 2017 that ... HUNDREDS of illegal brothels, many of which offer unsafe sexual practices and put women’s safety at risk, are operating across Melbourne.

And police admit the sheer size of the industry makes it difficult to investigate.

Victoria Police spokeswoman Sara-Jane Delaney said the majority of illegal brothels operated under the guise of massage shops, with others in homes, beauty salons and karaoke bars in suburbs including Ascot Vale, Brunswick, Campbellfield, Craigieburn, Dallas, Essendon, Epping, Flemington, Footscray, Glenroy, Mill Park, Moonee Ponds, Oak Park, Pascoe Vale, Preston, Reservoir, Sunbury, Sunshine, St Albans and Tullamarine.

Most worryingly, the police unit has also received reports of underage workers, people trafficking and illegal brothels offering sex without condoms.

To report an unlicensed brothel or criminal activity in the sex work industry, contact Crime Stoppers ( on 1800 333 000.


There’re some simple signs to look out for in order to tell the difference between professional massage businesses and illegal brothels, according to Massage Association of Australia secretary Pauline Kelly.

  • Opening and closing times are an indicator, as professional therapists do not usually offer very late appointments
  • Massage shops offering sexual services often operate from “dodgy” business fronts that close and reopen
  • Illegal brothels also have blacked-out windows and are open late into the night, advertising offers like “hot new Asian babes”
  • While some advertisements state “no sex”, they often include statements like: “new young sexy hot girls”, “sensual massage”, “all Asian young girls” and “sexy body and oil slide”
  • Most ads do not quote a SWA number on their advertisements, which is required of all legal brothels under the Sex Work Act

Please note that Southern Comfort International is a licensed Melbourne Brothal (SWA4015B) & don't forget, if you patronise an illegal brothel, you could be liable for a fine of up to $6,000! Don't risk it!

Whats new on the website

Southern Comfort International - Monday, June 06, 2011

We are currently updating the site and making changes, we will be keeping up with the blog as much as possible and will answer any questions you may have. Please be patient with this as we are learning ie (liz) lol.  So ask away and we will answer to the best of our abilitiy. Hope you enjoy the updates and changes as we go along slowly lol. :)

Reward system

Southern Comfort International - Saturday, May 21, 2011

How about some sort of rewards program for us guys??. A point system that as u gain more points the cheaper it is or after your 10 or so booking no room fees or something like that it’s just an idea???

Update girls at Southern Comfort

Southern Comfort International - Saturday, May 07, 2011


I am a regular at Southern Comfort and realized that there are more girls there than whats on the names on the website. It would be great if the list of girls is updated. Also if possible give us an idea as to who would be on during the week (just a rough idea because we realize that sometimes girls do not turn up). Just those that are rostered on would be great. I am sure most of the guys would like this.

Improve shows

Southern Comfort International - Monday, May 02, 2011

The only suggestion I have for improving the shows would be for the girls to wear a hair band. This would prevent their long hair from obscuring the view of those watching and we would be able to see clearly everything they do to entertain us so brilliantly/percivalbrown


Southern Comfort International - Sunday, April 24, 2011

WOW what an UNREAL!!! chick great body nice tits really friendly aussie girl,really enjoys her time in the room with you cant wait to see her again!! totally addictive!!!

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