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Sex worker jobs in brothels in Melbourne.
Careers, Employment & Jobs in the sex industry in Melbourne.

Many ladies and men seeking employment, careers or jobs in the adult xxx sex industry in Melbourne recognise the prestige of being associated with one of the best Melbourne Brothels, being Southern Comfort International.

Southern Comfort International can not and will not advertise for sex worker jobs, sexual service providers or adult sex job vacancies in the sex industry. Any and all inquiries related to adult industry jobs in Melbourne, or brothel employment in Melbourne at our licensed brothel, can only be made by calling our reception on (03) 9588 0743.

Like any other industry, we have a whole range of rewarding jobs and careers on offer. To keep our business functioning, the sex industry needs to employ people to fill many roles including Managers, Accountants, Receptionists & Cleaners, just to mention a few.

The irony in all this is that we are not permitted to advertise our adult xxx industry job vacancies for any sexual service providers. So, like all the other brothels in Melbourne and throughout Victoria, Southern Comfort International simply has to wait for you to make contact with us. And when you do, we’ll explain just how wonderful we are and what we have to offer you if you are looking for sex worker jobs or considering working in a brothel in Melbourne. And the following is just a sample of some of the features & benefits of working with us:

  • An opportunity to earn great money
  • Flexible rosters – days, nights, or a combination
  • Modern, comfortable and very secure surroundings
  • High quality CCTV security cameras & monitors for a safer environment
  • An experienced and friendly management team

Please have a look around the rest of our website to learn more about us and our legal status in the adult industry in Melbourne.

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    Sex Workers Melbourne – Frequently Asked Questions Answered

    How old do I have to be to work in the sex industry in Melbourne or throughout Victoria?

    For all types of adult sex jobs in the sex industry or to work in the sex industry in Australia you need to be over 18 years old.

    Can I work legally in the sex industry in Australia or is prostitution legal in Melbourne?

    Each state of Australia treats this question differently. Working in the sex industry here in Melbourne and in Victoria is definitely legal. Owners of Victorian Brothels & Escort Agencies must hold a license issued by the government. Our license number is SWA4015B (Licensed Melbourne Brothel SWA No. 4015B), so you can be assured we are a licensed operator.

    Do I have to be Australian to qualify for employment in a brothel?

    No. There are many adult XXX industry jobs for men & women from all over the world. If you are from overseas and do not hold an Australian passport, you will need a Visa which permits you to work in Australia for sex worker jobs or jobs in the sex industry.

    Must I surrender my passport to a brothel owner?

    Definitely not! If you are from overseas and have the correct Visa for working in Australia, you must keep your passport safe and in your posession. The rules also state that you must also be free to come & go from any brothel whenever you like.

    Do I get to choose my clients in brothels?

    Absolutely. All sex workers in Melbourne must be free to choose which customers they will see or will not see. A license for a Brothel owner to operate his or her business does not imply a license to “control” what sexual service providers do or don’t do as part of their brothel or adult sex industry jobs.

    How do I get more information about brothel sex worker jobs?

    We welcome contact by anybody requiring further information regarding a brothel jobsex industry jobs or adult industry jobs in Melbourne. Please call our reception on (03) 9588 0743 and we would be happy to answer any questions you might have regarding adult sex industry jobs in Melbourne, employment, careers & job opportunities at Southern Comfort International.

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