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Brothel Victoria - Melbourne Brothel - Legal Brothel Melbourne - Brothel in Melbourne

Melbourne Brothel - Southern Comfort International

Southern Comfort International was Nominated for Best Brothel Overal in the Adult Industry Awards in 2005
NOTE: Southern Comfort International is known around the traps for being the Best Brothel Overall - Best Brothel Melbourne

Southern Comfort International (03 9588 0743), a Melbourne Brothel, is one of the worst kept secrets of Melbourne's southern suburbs.

Located in Braeside (16 Citrus Street), SCI is one of Melbourne's busiest and best legal brothels. The reasons that we are such a popular Melbourne Brothel are easy to see. The facilities at our Melbourne brothel are first rate and the prices are among the lowest in Melbourne.

But that's not all. Every week (noon Monday,Thursday and Friday and 8pm Thursday and Saturday), Melbourne brothel SCI, runs regular adult sex shows.

Finally, and best of all, there are the girls at this brothel in Melbourne ... the girls! SCI is like a candy store for big boys. There are so many beautiful girls to choose from at one of the best legal brothels in Melbourne: girls to suit all tastes. And they're all so sweet a boy can't stop until he's tried them all.

"Very grandiose for the very reasonable sum of $170 for the hour. Separate room as you walk in on the left containing a toilet and basin. Spacious walking area leading to about 4 very wide steps taking you to the king size bed with massive mirror behind it. Also complete with massage bench and spa and a large shower in the corner. Compared to my usual work rooms at TMC and OO this is positively palatial." by Trenchman

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Full Service Prices

20 minutes only $70

30 minutes only $100

45 minutes only $140

1 hour only $170


Opening Hours

Sunday: 10am to 2am
Monday: 10am to 2am
Tuesday: 10am to 2am
Wednesday: 10am to 2am
Thursday: 10am to 4am
Friday: 10am to 6am
Saturday: 10am to 6am


Live Sex Show



Live Adult XXX Sex Show

Sex Show Entry ONLY $20!