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Private Browsing on the Internet

If you use a public computer, your browsing history like web addresses you have visited, web pages and files forming those web pages are kept by web browsers you are using on seperate folders on that computer. That cached data has many benefits. But what if the cached data is used to get and build a profile data about you or even your private data like files, images, passwords, etc are stolen. If you are anxious about your private data, you can prefer anonymous browsing.

But anonymity on the web will only prevent you to be tracked by web servers or the publishers on the web. But you have to clear all the footprints you have left behind manually. I mean the cached files, cookies, history entries, etc that are recorded by your web browser and by the OS itself. To delete cookies, deleting personal data and deleting browsing history and such actions will take some time. And you may fail to clear all your personal data especially if you are working with a computer at public places and internet cafes. Private browsing is actually a must in public places and places where computers are shared by more than one user. Use always private browsing where is possible especially at such common places.

InPrivate Browsing is an enhancement introduced to web users using Internet Explorer 8 (IE8). InPrivate Browsing is the private browsing mode of Internet Explorer IE 8. InPrivate Browsing mode in IE8 prevents the Internet Explorer from recording and storing data about your browsing session during the session is active. And someone using the same computer with you will not be able to see which sites and which pages you have visited and what files you have displayed during your private web browsing on the browser. When a web user starts an InPrivate Browsing session on IE8 and begins his private browse, the Internet Explorer will open a new window which will carry the private browsing session. And the private protection that E8 InPrivate Browsing provides will cover all the tabs with in that Window and in IE windows that are opened within an InPrivate Browsing window. The IE user can open as many tabs as he can in an InPrivate Browsing window. InPrivate Browsing will protect all those tabs also. In the other hand, if the IE8 user opens another browser window, I mean from the IE shortcut or from the Start Menu, InPrivate Browsing will not protect that window. If one wants to end the InPrivate Browsing session, closing all the browser windows in InPrivate Browsing sessions will be enough.

To ensure your own privacy when browsing the Internet Turn On Private Browsing at the beggining of your session. Instructions on how to do this within Internet Explorer, Firefox, & Google Chrome are outlined below.

What Private Browsing will not retain:

* Visited pages: No pages will be added to the list of sites in the History menu, the Library window's History list, or the Awesome Bar address list.

* Form and Search Bar entries: Nothing you enter into text boxes on web pages or the Search bar will be saved for Form autocomplete.

* Passwords: No new passwords will be saved.

* Download List entries: No files you download will remain in the list in the Downloads window after you turn off Private Browsing.

* Cookies: Cookies are files created by websites that store information on your computer, such as your preferences when visiting a certain site. These will not be stored. For more information on cookies, see Cookies.

* Web cache files: No temporary Internet files or cached files from web pages will be saved until you turn off Private Browsing.


* If you create new Bookmarks while using Private Browsing, they will not be removed when you stop Private Browsing.

* If you save files to your computer while using Private Browsing, those files will not be deleted when you stop Private Browsing. However, any files you open in an external application will be cleared from the system's temporary folder, and none of the files you download will appear in the Downloads window list.

Internet Explorer

1- Click the Safety button on the Internet Explorer 8 Menu and then select InPrivate Browsing menu item InPrivate Browsing in Safety Menu in Internet Explorer 8
Private Browsing Internet Explorer

2- Open a new tab using "CTRL + T" or using "CTRL + N" or using the new tab on the tabs bar of the Internet Explorer or IE8 browser window. Then click "Open an InPrivate Browsing window" link on the "New Tab" web page. Private Browsing in a new IE8 window

3- Use the shortcut key combination "CTRL + SHIFT + P" and this will open a private browsing session on a new window on your IE8 web browser.

Note that if the parental controls are activated on your OS, InPrivate Browsing mode will be disabled on Internet Explorer 8 to protect and apply the control over the web browsing session declared in the way in Parental Control rules. So Parental Controls prevents the children from their private browse on the web. If you need private web browsing then you should disable the parental controls for the current active user to enable private web surfing using IE8. IE8 Private Browsing is turned on When you turn on private browsing mode on your IE8 session or activate inprivate feature, toolbars and extensions you are using on a regular IE window will be disabled with the private browsing starts on the new IE8 window by default. You will see the InPrivate identifier icon IE8 InPrivate Browsing identifier image just before the url address in the address bar on your IE8 window for the period when Private Browsing mode is active.


To start a Private Browsing session:

1. Click on the Tools menu and select Start Private Browsing.
Private Browsing Firefox

The first time you turn on Private Browsing, Firefox will alert you that it will save your current windows and tabs for after you finish using Private Browsing. Click on Start Private Browsing to continue.

Put a check mark next to "Do not show this message again" if you do not want to receive this alert the next time you turn on Private Browsing.

You will then enter Private Browsing mode, and the Private Browsing information screen will appear.

When browsing in Private Browsing mode, the Firefox window's title will show (Private Browsing) during your session.

To end a Private Browsing session:

Click on the Tools menu and select the Stop Private Browsing entry.

To turn off InPrivate Browsing mode, all you have to do is to close the web browser window where private browsing is active. This will end IE8 maintain your private browsing (InPrivate Browsing) session and your private browse on the web.

Google Chrome

Open Google Chrome and move over to the wrench icon. Private Browsing Google Chrome

- Under the wrench icon click on New incognito window .

- The window that opens is rather plain.

- It tells you that you're incognito . Private Browsing Google Chrome

- Browsing from this page will not leave any tracks in your history.

- It will not leave any cookies.

- If you download files or make bookmarks, however, it will retain those.

- When you close the incognito window that session is over and all traces are gone.

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